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Parent Testimonials

"My 10 year-old, Finn, has learned so much piano since working with Jesica who's just incredibly patient, and yet doesn't treat Finn like he's a little kid. She has realistic expectations of him, and sets goals that he can meet. Finn has gained so much skill in the year and a half she's been teaching him. He's learning quickly, and is becoming a well-rounded piano player who's reading music better and better every day, and learning intermediate songs to add to his list of songs with which he impresses people every time he performs. Jesica is a true gift for our household!

- Isabella Bodnar, Parent of Finn & Desmond

"Jesica has taught my daughter piano 5 years. She is dedicated, kind, firm, talented, inspiring, caring, supportive and patient. Jesica always goes above and beyond. We are so thankful for her. She’s a remarkable teacher." 

- Carolyn Winslow

"My 12 year-old son started his piano training with Jesica in 2016, and I was very impressed with how much piano and music knowledge Desmond gained in a very short period of time. Jesica also did an amazing job with organizing recitals, and Desmond got so much praise (and continues to do so today) with the duet that him and Jesica performed together (the Mario Brothers theme song). We moved out of state and then returned two years later, and Jesica has again parlayed so much of her skills and knowledge in her teachings. Desmond is becoming a truly great piano player, and it's all thanks to Jesica. She knows how to teach any age child, always has patience with the kids, but expects them to improve without ever making them feel pressured to do so. She has been a wonderful person to know and have in our lives. Music is very important to me, and Jesica brings her A-game every time she comes to teach my kids." 

- Isabella Bodnar, Parent of Finn & Desmond

From My Students

Some of the thank you cards I received from my students

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